July, 16th

Here are some more Pictures from my Europe trip. Click here

May, 11th

So here is about 40 of the 1200 pictures that I took while I was in Europe. CLICK HERE

May, 8th

Just got back from my trip to Europe it was amazing. Check the blog from the trip out Here

Apr, 3rd

ATTATION People of the world. On April 26 John Pennino, Brian Ratzker and I will be going to Europe. We will be gone for 13 lovely days. Your job if you choose to take it will to be check this site every day and leave comments. We will be trying to make a new post every day with photos and video of this adventure. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.

Simmons, Jannace & Stagg

Jan, 22nd

  • Things to do before I die
  • 1. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Cannon ( I have been reading this book and the author is describing the hike down into the cannon and I sounds incredible )

    2. hmmm more to come


    Mike Click Here

    Dec, 13th
    My Hero

    Nov, 28th

    Goonies never say die

    Oct, 18th

    Click here for the pictures from the Oyster Fest

    sept, 25th

    Here are the pics from chris and kerris wedding

    Sept, 13th

    Good times 04
    Fallen Leaf Lake with John and I

    Aug, 9th
    So Where to start first of all im super happy just becasue yesterday it was so nice out side. I feel like we havent had a nice day since april. Nothing else is new really Eileens wedding was fun she looked great……. wel have a great day.

    July, 21th
    Hey, Elizabeth, you know I’m doing all right

    July, 19th
    You Cant Handle This !!!!!!!
    Thanks Angelo

    June, 28

    Read this its really a great story CLICK HERE MEATBALL

    June, 20

    This past weekend i took Youth Group Camping

    here are the pictures

    June, 6

    Read this article its good Click HERE

    June, 5
    Well I have been pretty busy. Last weekend I was in MN for Leeanne’s graduation. It was cool to see Jill and Jen. yeah ……. Thank you and namasteMay somthing

    So here are some pics from brads show Click here MO MO

    May, 18

    So tonight is the big night for brad, its going to be his first real show playing guitar in a band. My people and I will be attending you should also. vp south in Amityville 9. Be there or be square or someother type of shape.

    May, 12

    So Lost was crazy, Brian wrote a blog post about it Check it out here. Also im sick of the rain I was going to be taking the youth group camping this weekend but its cannacled becasue the weather has been really bad.

    May, 10

    New lost tonight and im way to excited for it. Also there was the season finally of Gilmore Girls last night and it was very upsetting, Lorelai is so dumb. Just for the record I only watch 2 or 3 shows and there tivo-ed and I skip the commercials (thank you Rayna for that wonderful tidbit).

    May, 8

    To say I had a great weekend is an understatement. Things are fantastic, life is great. Im happy.

    May, 2

    This is your life are you who you want to be

    Apr, 28

    Hmmmm I really do not have much to say but I like keeping this site current so I feel the need to write something. Last night Chris, Kerri and I ended up going to Jimmys softball game. It was lovely (Marni and Tara were there too, oh and Tara brought some meatball dude i cant remember his name though). In other news im getting ready to go to PA this weekend witch is always a good time. Have a great weekend and remember to count your blessing cause you are blessed YEAH YOU

    Apr, 21

    Life is good; my week has been crazy busy but first-class as a whole. Im a little upset at Google if you have noticed I have Google adwords set up on my page. They are supposed to use advertising that doesn’t take away from your site but the ad that is up now is really lame. Enough with my rants thanks for listening. lvl 51 like whoaa WOW 4 LIFE!!!!!!

    Apr, 18

    So nothing is new

    Apr, 4

    So I was going threw some files on my comp and I came across this video from about 2 years ago. It’s Switchfoot doing there thing.

    Mar, 28

    What up peoples of the World. I just got back from a fun trip in Huntington Beach California. I helped my friend John run a booth selling paintball stuff. Here are the pictures from the trip

    Mar, 21

    This is my hard core crew on thrusdsay night. guitarclass

    Mar 14

    How cool is this

    Mar, 1

    The other night i was watching the news and saw this story and i thought i was really great. Hoop Dreams

    Feb, 21

    So I just got back from a great weekend at tusc Here are my Pictures

    Feb, 16

    Its pretty cool my dad got a letter from the president Click here to see it

    Feb, 21

    So I just got back from a great weekend at tusc Here are my Pictures

    Feb, 16

    Its pretty cool my dad got a letter from the presdint Click here to see it

    Feb, 14

    You love her
    But she loves him
    And he loves somebody else
    You just can’t win
    And so it goes
    Till the day you die
    This thing they call love
    It’s gonna make you cry
    I’ve had the blues
    The reds and the pinks
    One thing for sure

    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks yeah yeah
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    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks yeah yeah

    Two by two and side by side
    Love’s gonna find you yes it is
    You just can’t hide
    You’ll hear it call
    Your heart will fall
    Then love will fly
    It’s gonna soar
    I don’t care for any casanova thing
    All I can say is
    Love stinks

    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    (Love stinks)
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    (Love stinks)
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    I’ve been through diamonds
    I’ve been through minks
    I’ve been through it all
    Love stinks

    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks yeah yeah
    (Love stinks)
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    Got to love the wedding singer

    Feb, 9

    Somthings dont work on the site because i moved the website to a new server. I am also in the process of putting the links back for the rest of my gang


    Well i fixed the site and all my pictures should work. p.s. all girls are still evil.


    Dear Girls (this is to every girl that ever walked the face of the earth) i was woundering if you could please give me a copy of the book of evil you get when you are born. What book you might ask, well since every girl is Mean and terrible i figured you cant just make this stuff up so you must be given a secret book. it makes alot of sence


    I wanted to change the site up. There will be links to your pages soon. I think


    Ummm i just wanted to add somthing here so it looks like i am keeping this page up to date. I did add some pictures there on the left they are Spencers first show and pictures from when Brad and i were in PA for the weekend.


    So the Adams band Local 13 has been in our studio recording one song for a comp give it a listen


    I found this quote on a pro photographers website and I thought I was cool “Photography is 50% photographer, 40% light, and 10% equipment.”


    Another lovely day here on the good old LI. I have been really busy at work lately but thats a good thing becasue the day flys by. We have been going to the coolest chruch service True North Church the band there is amazing. Basicly thats my life right now tonight i have guitar class. Oh one more thing im totaly additcied to this video game its really sad.


    So im back home, Az and Cali was great. sat we ended up driving to huntington beach and that was tons of fun. check out my pictures on the left from my trip.


    So im really excited beacuse thrusday my brother and i are flying out to Cali to see the last SuperTones show. We are driving there with Hessman and also meeting Sean.

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