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I Came To Lose

July, 16th

Here are some more Pictures from my Europe trip. Click here

May, 11th

So here is about 40 of the 1200 pictures that I took while I was in Europe. CLICK HERE

May, 8th

Just got back from my trip to Europe it was amazing. Check the blog from the trip out Here

Apr, 3rd

ATTATION People of the world. On April 26 John Pennino, Brian Ratzker and I will be going to Europe. We will be gone for 13 lovely days. Your job if you choose to take it will to be check this site every day and leave comments. We will be trying to make a new post every day with photos and video of this adventure. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.

Jan, 22nd

  • Things to do before I die

  • 1. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Cannon ( I have been reading this book and the author is describing the hike down into the cannon and I sounds incredible )
    2. hmmm more to come


    Mike Click Here

    Dec, 13th
    My Hero

    Nov, 28th

    Goonies never say die

    Oct, 18th

    Click here for the pictures from the Oyster Fest

    sept, 25th

    Here are the pics from chris and kerris wedding

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    About the Big Click

    I made this site because every time we had a group photo we had to take it with 10 different cameras so that everyone would have that pic on there own camera. When i first designed the site I used Adobe Go Live but at the Law Firm i work at i had to edit the website using html,and i realized html is better. I also never designed a web site and thought it would be fun.

    p.s. I totally stole the text on the home page from the A-Team.

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